Clearsprings Farm Boarding

At Clearsprings Farm, we offer pasture and full-service boarding. Our Summer - Camp for Horses is especially good for horses that have hunted hard all winter. They can loaf in 35 acres of grass with woods and a creek.

Highlights of the boarding facilities are:

  • Several individual paddock with run in shelters.
  • A dressage ring, stadium jumps, and cross - country jumps including banks.
  • Woven wire fences topped with high tensile electric wire.
  • A run in shed is available.

We have extensive skill in feeding horses according to their individual needs. For example:
  • Dancer, a 1200 lb. warm blood, gets a yogurt cup of oats and a handful of alfalfa cubes.
  • Tinkerbell, a 12.2 hand pony, gets a quart of beet pulp, a quart of oats cooked with hay cubes, and calf manna. (Tinker has only a few teeth left).
We have driving - riding trails in our woods. Some fields are left in our neighborhood that we are permitted to use. We frequently go to Tryon, Southern Pines, and Aiken for a change of scenery.

If you would like more information on boarding, please email us, or call us at (704) 538-9467.